Max Depree's Servant Leadership Theory

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Servant Leadership Theory
"Servant leadership is a paradox," (Northouse, 2015). According to Northouse servant leadership runs counter to our common sense. The role reversal goes against our interpretation of how leaders should act. The question that presents itself, how can a leader, who is spouse to lead be a servant. The role of servitude in leadership offers a unique perspective that seems to challenge the traditional perspectives of the various leadership theory 's. Author Max DePree, In Leadership, is an Art state, "The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between the leader must become a servant," (1989).
Servant leadership has boundless potential to help develop growth for leaders and
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If leaders fail to be a realist or set an unattainable vision and goals followers will lose their trust in them. Developing the understanding that vision or reality is the foundation that first must be set to lead in a servant leadership approach successfully. It is crucial for servant leadership, to display a vision that meets the needs of the organizations and at the same time displays a path for the followers to develop their abilities and grow. One of the main characteristics of servant leaders who defines reality and sets a vision is foresight. According to Northouse, "Foresight encompasses a servant leader 's ability to know the future" (2015, p.228). Displaying the ability to see what 's coming based on what has already occurred, allows the leader to anticipate what could be foreseen and to act on that understanding, (Spears,…show more content…
I believe that the rewards of this approach outway the challenges in the development of my organizations. I see the challenges for larger organizations have in implementing a servant leadership approach, as it may go against the organization 's vision. More importantly, I believe that the servant leadership strategy has a place in the leadership world. Especially for myself who 's goals are to become a successful entrepreneur who values his employees in achieving their goals. Sharing my experience and insight from years of learning on the job. If I can assist my followers in attaining their goals while meeting mine, I believe I have made an essential contribution to society. While others may not see the benefits of putting so much time and effort in other development, I see it as an opportunity to forge a lifetime connection with them as a mentor who has helped them in achieving their
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