Ther Katniss: Homeric Hero

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Classical heroes were characters who were courageous and act not only for themselves but for others. They were modest leaders who cared for their people and empire. These heroes encouraged their men to be the greatest they can be and conquered land together. Roman heroes did not care if they were remembered nor if they were admired, all they cared for is the state. They wanted their state to great and live on for years. Roman heroes are strong and are easily motivated to achieve great things and make the future of their state be spectacular. They are normal human beings who are dutiful and faithful by carrying out tasks from the gods and has focused on fulfilling a mission. Homeric heroes were your ordinary humans who were cunning and courageous by winning battles and outsmarting their enemies. They were also people who fought for themselves and for their own honor. Homeric heroes were arrogant, self-centered and were inconsiderate for others. These characteristics show how they are untrustworthy and how they are concerned about their honor. Lastly, Homeric Heroes have great warrior skills by living in a time where…show more content…
Responsible and independent, she showed this at the start of the film where she broke the law by hunting animals and finding food for her family and friends. She volunteered to take her little sister, Prim 's place in the Hunger Games and carried on with it whilst Prim has screaming in agony. Katniss never showed any emotion because it shows weakness and be a primary target for the other competitors. "When they televise the replay of the reapings tonight, everyone will make note of my tears and I 'll be marked as an easy target, a weakling". Katniss is also athletic, she can run, jump and has great skill with the bow and arrow which helped her throughout the game. Her father taught her how to hunt and survive but unfortunately died in a mine explosion which made Katniss
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