Happylife Home Analysis

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The first 2 characters introduced in the narrative are George Hadley and Lydia Hadley. George Hadley is Lydia’s husband and the father of the 2 children, Wendy and Peter. He is portrayed by the author as the more strict parent while Lydia defends the children more so than George. George bought their HappyLife Home which is fully autonomous. Lydia is the mother and is introduced in the very first page. Lydia is very observant and is the first to realise that their is something wrong with a special room in their house known as the nursery. The children, Peter and Wendy, are later introduced in the text. Their behaviour and attitude is slightly different compared to other kids. The children are portrayed as spoiled as they go and do as they wish.…show more content…
The veldt is directly linked to the story as it represents the feelings of the children towards their parents which is hatred and death. The more intense their feelings are towards their parents, the more real the veldt is. The setting also fuels the major conflict (person vs person). The veldt is described as a hot and abnormal location which symbolises the feelings of Wendy and Peter. The nursery was supposed to be a way to treat the children’s neurosis but the outcome turned out to be the opposite of what they hoped (children grew extremely attached to the nursery and the veldt).

The HappyLife Home, which was purchased by George, is an automated house that does everything for the Hadley’s. The house feeds another part of the conflict which is between the parents and the kids about shutting down the house. The HappyLife Home spoiled the kids which is why George decides to shut it down causing a dispute between George and the children. The house can be considered to fuel the person vs self conflict along with the person vs
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The 3rd rising action introduces a supporting character by the name of David Mclean. He is the family’s psychologist and is brought to the nursery by George to examine it. He notices that there is something wrong about the room and suggests to shut it down. He explains that the children are more attached to the room rather than their parents. If the parents threaten the kids in any way, the veldt or the room would feel more and more realistic. The 2 men also find a ripped up and bloody scarf which belonged to Lydia. They both also go and shut down the nursery. This is the action the comes before the conflict between the parents and the children on shutting down the nursery and home. It is intended to spark the person vs person
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