Aerone And Therac-25 Essay

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We will Contrast and compare the failures of the Therac-25 and the Ariane 5. What key similarities and differences identified? Which specific software problems caused the failures? What was put in place to prevent such failures from occurring again? What lessons do you think should Software Engineers take away from these two failures? How much damage was caused by these two failures? INTRODUCTION In this report we will Contrast and compare the failures of the Therac-25 and the Ariane 5; their key similarities and differences Therac-25 manufactured by AECL known as a medical linear accelerator. From 1995 June and 1987 January, the Therac-25 which is the medical linear accelerator caused some serious injuries on six patients who were killed or schoked by unsafe administration of radiation. Through this report I will explain what’s a medical…show more content…
Atomic Energy Canada Limited developed Therac-25. The Therac-25 is known as a dual-mode machine and requires less space because of his unique design structure. Therac-25 with2 magnets to fold the electrons between the degrees range of 180 and 270 before reaching its target. When the elements is correctly positioning, and controls or select the mode the machine will use; if the machine in electron mode all magnets that are on the turntable spread beam are set to a safe concentration. Various levels are available in electron mode. Therac-25 was enclosed in a room of radiation treatment in order to avoid unnecessary exposure of radiation on individuals who works near the machine. And through visual and audio monitors located in the treatment room the Machine operator has contact with the patient at that time. The
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