Theranos Case Study

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Once appraised by Silicon Valley Press tech, Theranos, a biotechnology company, is losing its name value as days go by. Elizabeth Holmes, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Theranos, was known for her unique story of how Theranos has started. Upon start of the company, Holmes claimed that the Theranos’ technology is new, but different from what is out in the market. New and innovative, this company’s propaganda attracted many people’s attentions. From the start, Holmes’ plan was to provide higher accuracy tests, multiple tests from a drop of blood, and, in bigger picture, more access to its technology to the public.
Elizabeth Holmes’ made a claim that the technique which Theranos has is capable of resulting in accurate outcome than what is out in the public. Supposedly, Theranos’ nanodrop technology can provide accurate results in shorter time. Not only did Theranos claim its
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It was refreshing, innovative, yet sophisticated as the idea of nanotainer was very foreign to everyone. The question was if Holmes could execute everything that she envisioned when Holmes founded this company. The answer was quite simple: it was improbable to execute the plans. First, the technology showed inaccurate blood test results that some patients were revisited for traditional method. Because it was cheaper and faster, the patients were sent back to Theranos partnered centers for blood tests (2). Second, the multiple tests were not possible as FDA approved one test, herpes, with Edison, which did not need FDA approval as it is not for marketing purposes (2). Lastly, Holmes’ big plan was to increase accessibility of the blood testing centers. But, it could not happen as Walgreens dropped the partnership after Theranos was under investigation by FDA and received warning letters and complaints(3). Hopefully one day, the nanotainer gets used the way Holmes
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