Therapeutic Alliance

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Therapeutic alliance is building a relationship between client and the therapist. This relationship is important in order for the client to have some success with treatment. Assisting, client’s in identifying personal goals, strengths, and preferences for change in behaviors. Needs and abilities and engaging the client in a discussion to problem solve and steps to take to achieve goals. Therapist, provides instruction in helping client to set reasonable objectives to meet goals and developing trust in order for the therapeutic alliance can be established. The article’s focus on building a solid relationship, while working with clients of different cultures and approach of cognitive behavior therapy. Important for the therapist remember…show more content…
The therapist and the client establish clear boundaries, mutual trust and respect. Sperry (2010) The chapter states “effective therapeutic alliance that is sensitive to the client’s needs, expectation, and explanatory model; that engenders trust and hope in the therapist and therapy process; and that engages the client in the treatment process”. Allows the therapist to focus on client treatment and assist the client with developing skills, acceptance of strengths, weakness, developing realistic goals and developing new skills and abilities. The therapist and client have a mutual understanding of the goals which will assist with establishing and developing treatment for client. Difference the article focus on cognitive behavior theory and the chapter gave a review of several different therapeutic alliance included dynamic, systemic and integrative. The different phases of changes, form contemplation, precontemplation, preparation, action and maintenance. Allow the therapist recognize if the client is ready to make the changes that are necessary to move forward with their treatment assist the therapist with developing effective treatment
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