Therapeutic Child Care Experience Essay

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My first interviewing experience was at a residential treatment facility and safe hope that provides many services for women suffering from substance abuse disorder as well as mental health disorders. The facility offers women and children a place to stay while they are receiving treatment and making the transition to become independent caregivers for their children. Many women view the facility as place safe place where they openly discuss how to reapply for custody of their children, how to find a job, and how to work through their experience and emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. Therapeutic childcare is also another service offered at this treatment facility while women go to school during the daytime. Often the children have either directly or indirectly experienced some form of trauma. Hence the name, the main purpose of therapeutic childcare is to give assessments that examine the child’s social skills, type of attachments style and temperament, emotional development, and motor skills.…show more content…
Dianne Payne, a clinical psychologist in the intelligence community for over 20 years. . Of note, this interview was conducted via phone because Dr. Payne is licensed psychologist in the Charlotte, North Carolina. I first met Dr. Payne when I worked for the intelligence community during undergrad. She obtained her PhD from Duquesne University in Pittsburg, Philadelphia. She specializes in relationship Issues, divorce, and Infidelity. In addition, she also works with a variety of mental health issues (e.g., trauma and PTSD, anxiety, depression, gender and sexual identity, domestic violence and abuse, obsessive-compulsive, anger management, life coaching, etc.). She works with all populations of people. Furthermore, she most frequently utilizes mindfulness-based, eclectic, humanistic approaches. Dr. Payne noted that she still remains interested in the field because she “works with different people experiencing different
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