Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Case Study

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In order to best understand what our responsibility is as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist one must have a belief to base their ever growing skills off from. This paper will give me the ability to delve deeper into not only what my belief is, but also how we can use our skills to work with patients that have a varying amount of disabilities. This paper gives us the opportunity to see that we are not confined to just a clinical setting, but rather that our career skills give us the ability to work in a variety of settings. With my belief in God he has shown me that I can use the strengths and weaknesses he has given me so that I can use them to better serve him. I can use my faith to help others find what they believe in and use it to best help them…show more content…
According to Long and Robertson Therapeutic Recreation serves a variety of populations with special needs. We as Therapeutic Recreation Specialist are there to improve functioning and independence and minimize or eliminate illness or disability. We can also help improve health and well-being. We are there to help guide and show our clients how to develop and express appropriate leisure activities for people with physical, mental, emotional, and social limitations. According to Austin and Crawford, Therapeutic Recreation can be used in almost any setting. Therapeutic Recreation is used in a mental health setting by u sing the recreation portion to improve the client’s current quality of life and to help them feel better about taking part in other treatment programs within the treatment plan. The Recreation Therapist also serves to show the client leisure skills to give them something positive to do once they are out of the treatment program. Recreation Therapy is also used in correctional settings to provide inmates new leisure skills that will assist them when reentering in the community once released. Recreation Therapist can help people battling with substance abuse by

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