Therapy Animals Vs Service Animals Essay

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It’s important to know to that, Service animals have a very important job in their life. Their job is to help people with disabilities. Another example would be suppose you can’t walk as much. The dog knows the kid wants to play and needs to walk. The kid wants to play with the dog. The service dog realizes the therapy for him/her so the dog backs up.

Therapy dogs, are just the beginning of their new life. Therapy animals can still live in your house, but at some point they 're going to a hospital to help people with disabilities. Your dog can just start at 2 weeks. Besides, who doesn’t want a dog that can help you. Therapy dogs can learn 40-80 commands. For example, they can grab, pull carry and more! Service dogs are the next level to a Therapy dog’s life!
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Service animals learn over 100 commands. Training can cost $60,000! Reading to an animal is better than reading to people because animals are not judgmental. People are judgmental. Service animals can listen to your heart rate if. They can also help the army. For example, sniffing out bombs help with training and more.

Therapy animals and Service animals are a lost in common. They can both listen to heart rates. Service animals and Therapy animals also help people. They also have some differences,are more advance than the other. Comparing the two Therapy animals work at hospitals Also service animals work at the army.

Having a loved assistance, by animal is enjoyable. First of all therapy animals help people survive. Second. Service animals and service animals should be proud to help people in need. Comparing the two, Therapy animals learn up to 40-80 commands, while service animals learn about 100. In this case you might want a Therapy animal, but the price is high. The price us $60,000! Appreciate Service and Therapy animals help us in many

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