Two Ways To Produce Knowledge

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“There are only two ways in which humankind can produce knowledge: through passive observation or through active experiment.” To what extend do you agree with this statement? While looking at ways that humankind can produce knowledge for different areas of knowledge and using different ways of knowing, we will see that there are more ways to produce knowledge, but it is very much dependant on one's interpretation and perspective of the production of knowledge. The production of knowledge could be seen as a process that is only possible through passive observation and active experimentation, in for example the natural sciences and human sciences where sense perception is a key way of knowing that is used to produce the knowledge. How ever there maybe more ways of producing knowledge if we take a different approach and take a look Ethics, Religious knowledge systems or the Art, and ways of knowing such as imagination, intuition, and faith. SubKQ: To what extend can we see imagination as a way of producing knowledge, without it being a result of observation or physical interaction? -Claim - Worlds greatest theories come from pure imagination, and they are still considered valuable…show more content…
It is said that is person is borth with ethical morals knowing what is right or wrong to do. It is a feeling that people are unaware of at the beginning but once they get in a sticky situation they will start become conscious if this unknown but still familiar feeling they have never had before. This feeling has to be initiated by something that triggers something like an emotion. The emotion will make u “feel” a particular way and intuition will come in and help you decide what is the right thing to do at such moment. Even in the same country having the same culture, people might have different ethical morals from one another that have not been influenced by someone
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