There Is Equality Worth Fighting For Harrison Bergeron

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In a world where equality among people is fought for everyday, changes in society have not changed much. The news if filled with protest and rants in the streets, either about racism, feminist acts, or even new bill people want to protest. But is equality worth fighting for? Harrison Bergeron was known to be the man who exemplified an honorable individual who fought for what was right, but questions started to raise when he wanted all the power himself. The government having the right to control the world would be detested by the people in these times. Rebellion would begin but the government would be so strong in the future that this could be a possible outcome. In the short story Harrison Bergeron, equality is an ideal worth fighting for, Harrison Bergeron is equivalent to the government, and Handicaps control the brain to conform to equality. Equality is an ideal worth fighting for in…show more content…
In a world that Harrison was kept captive because of wanting freedom turn him to take the freedom and abuse it. Harrison is so obsessed with that idea of power. He forgets what he knows best and that is fighting for what is right. But Harrison should not be viewed as a bad guy. There are many people in society who would do exactly what he did. This world is fascinated by power; anything that intel’s bossing people around or making decisions for other people, is what most people would want. The Handicaps are only used on those who are above average. In the story Harrison’s mother, Hazel, is known as a dumb, oblivious, women who does not need the handicaps because she has proven her lack of knowledge. Harrison Bergeron was a one moment a hero and the next a regular guy, hungry for power. Harrison personifies people in our world today, who would do anything for money, fame, and
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