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Do you ever wonder why is there snowflakes? Well sit down and listen to this story of the what the Greek’s thought is why there is snowflakes well the time that this story took place was about 400 BC. imagine you are at a high school now there is this couple in this school and it was the mighty Warshake and his girl Mousal she was the goddess of music and Warshak was the god of war he was never not in a fight for he had a bad temper but Mousal was so loving she saw past it and got him to love for an very limited time She was the only living thing that he loved and wanted to be with but their love didn’t last to long and grow weary as they were together one day they decided to break up and they still wanted to be friends for they were friends before they were in a relationship but as time went by Warshak grew…show more content…
He thought to himself how may I show her how I feel about her. So he was thinking how can he have her forgive him and get back together so he thinks maybe it might help if I wright Mousal a letter to show what she means to Warshake. She looks at the note and tells him I don’t feel like that anymore. So he walk off in a bout that he will never be with her for a eternity. He said to himself “I made the biggest mistake of my life I never should have broken up with Mousal” but as time went by he began to forget her until his friend Gabriel ask him how was She doing, for he did not know about Warshake and Mousal’s brake up and got Warshake to think of her again that made Warshak reminisce of how his life at one time was with Mousal he loved her so much he would level a whole country to show his love to her but She did not want to see for She loved man and did not wait to see them get hurt. He thought maybe there is something else that I may bring to her that will bring her back to me so he went to the kingdom of the sky were the most powerful god lived Zeus, he was the god of the god’s

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