There Should Be All Year Round School Essay

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Do you think school should be all year? Wouldn’t 3 months of extra school time help you a lot? Studies show that more then a third of students forget more than half of what they learned due to this giant summer "break" that is hurting kids and spoiling them. Isn't 3 months of sitting inside is boring? And if you don’t work for so long and just play games all month, it will become a serious problem. Have you ever been in class where you didn’t finish your textbook or never could understand a particular lesson but never had the time to understand? I'm pretty sure all this extra time would help, if not make you even smarter. What if your school was being overpopulated? Well you could have a multi-track system where one group works, the takes vacation, then another and…show more content…
There would also be a lot more constant and frequent breaks because instead of having to wait for one gigantic 3 month break that is very bad for kids, you can space them out more and be more common. These breaks would calm down our stress and have our parents schedule vacations or events easier.

As I said before, parents would schedule better and also not rush there work as a lot of parents are only free in the summer and some are not free at all! And that about sums up my basic ideas on why school should be all year. There were a couple points that weren't mentioned but I did cover up the majority. I hope you enjoyed this essay and learned something useful. And if enough people support this, maybe one day, this could actually happen. All year round school would help many people and open many opportunities to everybody and help go one step further in the future of
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