There Will Be Blood Character Analysis

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Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood was released in 2007. Paul was the director and screenwriter of the movie. This movie is brought to life by the actors Daniel Day-Lewis (Daniel) Paul Dano (Eli), and Dillon Freasier ( H.W). Through out the movie you will come into contact with these three characters in a variety of ways. There Will Be Blood is a a drama movie based on Daniel Plainview, who plays the role of a miner. He lives along side his “son”, H.W ,who isn't who you think he is. Suddenly Daniel got the news from a boy named Paul that his town, Little Boston, may have some seepage of oil. Eventually they move their things to Little Boston and begin to mine. Through out the movie you will meet the characters, Daniel Plainview (Daniel…show more content…
During the movie the lighting makes it very dark and dingy. The DP is very clear on what the main point of the movie is. Through out the movie there isn't really very much music or any sound but when there is it is leading to something bad that is going to happen or something that is very dramatic. Daniel Plainview is the main character in There Will Be Blood. He isn't the most friendly person in the world. He is very rude and violent. He likes to do what is best for him. Daniel likes to put his money before anyone. Stand in between him and his money and you may end up dead. He just so happens to be a static and indirect character, meaning, he doesn't really change who he is throughout the movie and he expresses how he feels through his actions and his speech. There will be blood in my opinion was a very good movie. My favorite scene would have to be when the well caught fire. This scene really made you realize the main point of the whole movie. During this scene they pan the camera to the well multiple times to make it more than obvious what was more important. I personally feel that the movie was a very well done drama. I would for sure go the movie when it is in theaters. I would recommend this movie to anyone that likes drama and or action. This was an over all very well done

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