There Will Come Soft Rain Analysis Essay

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Karla Elizondo Mr. Pierce ENG 1013 December 4, 2016 Analysis of There Will Come Soft Rains by Ray Bradbury As we advance in technology we seem to have a fear of replacement, causing us to worry and think about our own future. Throughout the years we can see how technology has made our lives easier, yet it can’t take charge on its own. Ray Bradbury’s Short Story ‘There will come soft rain’ was written in his perspective in how things would be in August 4th 2026 as he repeatedly mentioned. This Story takes place in a radioactive town in Allendale, California, inside the only house that remained after a nuclear bomb incident has taken all the human life. ‘There will come soft rain’ is an opinionated kind of story, Bradbury transmits us a message on our future world due to all of the technology advances occurring in todays world.…show more content…
As if it were afraid that nobody would." This helped understand what was actually going on, in a way that made us realize that there was no human life, instead it was a robot informing us that it was time to wake up. "The house shuddered, oak bone on bone, its bared skeleton cringing from the heat, its wire, its nerves revealed as if a surgeon had torn the skin off to let the red veins and capillaries quiver in the scalded air." Bradbury illustrates objects to human body parts like if they were to do the same thing. In a way Bradbury uses personification to allow us to feel empathy, and connect more towards the story and the objects, which is why this story makes you want to revaluate our current
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