There Will Come Soft Rains Literary Analysis

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The amazing authors Edgar Allen Poe and Rey Bradbury wrote suspenseful stories. These two authors were born in different places in the United States. The great author, Edgar Allen Poe, lived mainly in Baltimore, Maryland and was born in 1809. Rey Bradbury, lived in Los Angeles, and was born in 1920. The two authors had different styles of writing that they advanced. Edgar Allen Poe took horror and suspense stories, and made it his own, while Rey Bradbury wrote science fiction stories telling what could happen in the future. Both great writers had their own terrific styles of writing.

Edgar Allen Poe wrote many stories about horror and suspense. This author’s setting and main character is interesting in “The Tell Tale Heart”. A old dark
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The story “There Will Come Soft Rains” setting and main character are unique and realistic. The setting of this realistic story is the future after the end of the world. In this story the house is the main character. Not many people would expect inanimate object to be the focus of a story. Rey Bradbury wrote a very realistic and different style and theme in his stories. Bradbury provides the readers a science fiction apocalyptic style of writing. The theme of the story is that technology has limitations, as the house doesn’t realize that the apocalypse has occurred. Rey Bradbury’s story had a very interesting writing…show more content…
I enjoyed his story because his theme was relatable. I could relate to his theme that technology has limitations because I know that if I set my phone to do something it will do it without knowing what is going on around it. Another example why it relates to me is because in my life I mostly depend on technology. I also liked this story because he made his main character a house. His choice of main character was very unique and interesting, as it kept my attention and made me want to know what would happen next. Also, people would not think that objects that are not alive would be a main character. Bradbury wrote this book in an interesting and unique
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