There Will Come Soft Rains Mood

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The term “horror story” has shifted and been perceived in many ways over the years, however it isn’t all about creepy creatures and ghosts. It can be about the unknown, supernatural, and pull out emotions of fear from the reader. Ray Bradbury writes the story, “There Will Come Soft Rains,” with the intentions of it dealing with, “the supernatural” and write a story where, “horror is an emotion” (horror writers association). Yes, this story of this house is set in the future and could be thought of as sci-fi, but it doesn’t fully fit the definition. Bradbury wrote this with more intention than it being about the, “science and technology of the future” (readwritethink). Bradbury sets a tone that is supernatural. It isn’t normal for a house to be functioning on it’s own, having rooms, “acrawl with small cleaning animals, all rubber and metal” (Bradbury). This house is running like their is a family living their…show more content…
Bradbury uses words like, ‘fire’ and ‘die’ multiple times in the story which plays on people's emotion. He also is referencing dates related to Hiroshima, which happened about 5 years before he wrote There Will Come Soft Rains, when the story ends saying, “today is August 5, 2026, today is August 5, 2026, today is…” (Bradbury). Therefore this could be an, “intrusion in our comfort level” which the horror writer association says is included in a horror story. Bradbury is constantly using emotions, which makes us think about this reading in a deeper way. The horror writers association wrote on that horror, “forces us to confront who we are,” along with examining, “what we are afraid of” (Bradbury). People fear losing what they have, and they fear, “the fire bursts,” in their house, along with many other things (Bradbury). This story is horror because of the levels of emotions and supernatural occurrences that are
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