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A thermometer is an instrument which uses the principal of thermal expansion to measure the temperature of liquids, solids and gases.A thermometer has two important parts: the temperature sensor in which some physical change occurs when there is a change in temperature, and some means of converting this physical change into a numerical value. The well-known type of a thermometer is the type that consists of liquid mercury.
Thermometers use the relationships between temperature, volume and pressure of their thermometric material. Thermometers must all agree with each other in the following way: given any two bodies with different thermodynamic equilibrium states, all thermometers must indicate which of the two bodies has higher
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Fuel cell is a combination of fuel with oxygen from air to produce electricity and heat. It consists of the anode and cathode with electrolyte in the middle of them. The are two types of fuel used for now it the hydrogen ion exchanger or the mixture of hydrocarbons gases and hydrogen.In the ion exchanger its consist of an anode and cathode side in the anode hydrogen gas enters and becomes ionized on the middle known as the ion-exchange membrane, while its electrons flow from the anode to the cathode passing an external circuit which produces the desired power which is DC current. An inverter is the one that is used to convert the DC output to AC. While at the cathode the oxygen is received from the surrounding air which is combines withthe ions of hydrogen to form water they is also be energy produced in the form of volts. Because they a potential difference between the anode and cathode which is the result of electricity flow in the potential difference this is regarded as work done on the fuel cell and also they is heat transferred between the fuel cell and its (Karim,

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