These Spiritual Window-Shoppers Poem Analysis

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These Spiritual Window-Shoppers
“These spiritual window-shoppers” is a poem written by Rumi, the Muslim scholar, that encouraged one to become devoted to their religion that they believe in whatever it may be. Throughout this poem, the narrator, being Rumi, tells the audience his ideas about why one should become part of a religion which is to ensure that one will have a more peaceful afterlife. Rumi uses metaphors, allusion and hypophora to emphasise his belief that in order to have a more fulfilling and meaningful life one should be fully devoted to their religion.

Throughout this poem, Rumi uses metaphor to develop his ideas regarding the importance of religion in a person’s life. The poet utilizes this technique by writing “ Shadows
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Throughout this poem, allusion is used to reference a biblical event which occurs on line 13 and 14 where Rumi wrote, “Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah.” The reason this is such a significant stylistic device is because the way Rumi used it had such meaning. The story behind this is that Noah is a Biblical Prophet who was known for building the Ark. The reason he built the ark was because he believed that a flood was coming so he was able to put 2 of every species on to the ark in order to save them. This connects to the poem’s message as Rumi was conveying the message that one should join a religion, even if one is not entirely convinced in order to benefit oneself later in one’s life. Just like what happened to Noah where no one believed a flood was coming, Rumi believed that one should join a religion in order to save oneself in their afterlife. This device gives the audience a better understand of what the poet want to compare the situation to. If the audience has a good understand of what Noah’s story is as a prophet, they will have a good understanding of why you should become devoted to your religion. Along with this, it also impacts the audience to almost feel motivated to join a religion that maybe one might feel foolish about but will benefit you in the

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