Theseus: The Greatest Hero

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The Greatest Hero Heroes have been within or myths, stories, and legends since the beginning of civilization, they inspire us, warn us, teach us. Whether heroes exist or not there is a format that many Greek heroes share such as an immortal father, a royal mortal mother,, killing a monster, saving a civilization, marrying a princess, losing the goodwill of men, and immortal fame after death, etc. Among Perseus, Bellerophon, Theseus, Heracles, and Jason who is the ultimate heroine? Theseus is the greatest hero because he fits the Greek type of hero the most with his origins, his accomplishments, and his life after the quest.
One of the reasons Theseus is more a hero than Bellerophon or Jason is due to his early years. Unlike the other two heroes, Theseus has an immortal father. Poseidon, the Earthshaker, is Theseus’ father, who also shares the title with King Aegeus of Athens. Like all Greek heroes, Theseus has a royal, yet a mortal mother named Aethra. Although Theseus did not have a part in a prophecy upon his birth, he did have two childhood accomplishments. The first was that he was unafraid of Hercules’ Nemean lion skin, and the second was moving a large stone in order find out the truth about who his
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Theseus married the princess of Crete, Phaedra. In the end Phaedra led Theseus to suffer as a result of she falling in love with Theseus’ son Hippolytus and killed herself and framed Hippolytus for the murder which led to Theseus’ part in the death of his son whom he mourned afterwards. He lost the goodwill of the people of Athens on the grounds that they blamed him for the Spartan invasion, and fearing for his life he left Athens and went to Scyrus. In Scyrus he was killed violently when the king, Lycomedes, pushed Theseus off a cliff and to his death. After his death, the Athenians forgave him, and returned his remains back to Athens, there he was remembered

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