Thesis About Coffee

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Attention Catcher – Hook:
Coffee is Second Sought Commodity after oil and over 500 billion cups of coffee worldwide drink every year.
Thesis statement:
In this essay I would like to share this re-search about coffee and coffee shop industry in UAE I will discussion:
♣ What is coffee and made from what
♣ World production of coffee and most popular types
♣ What is coffee shop and what was like before and now
♣ Health/Risk benefits of coffee

What is coffee and made from what? There are a lot of people how don’t know from where coffee come or what is it in the first place, did you know that coffee is Seed of cherry fruit known as “Coffee bean” or (Author)“beans”. When is bean complete grow it’s have. There are various methods and way’s to achieving
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Coffee shop or café or coffeehouse this all meaning same thing. And café basically is place to serve hot/coffee beverages. But now day’s café is serve more than just coffee as hot beverages there are for example latte, espresso, tea and some snacks and food also. And now some café also may have there won bakery and kitchen and place to meet a friends or to study or to celebration. And the first world café known on the world start from holy city (Mecca) in 15st century when become coffee a place to political gathering, people gathering, playing traditional games and poetry reading. after Mecca there was first café opened in Damascus’s, Istanbul by the ottoman chronicler, and after 2 century’s café start appeared around Europe and first café outside ottoman empire was in Venice, Italy in 1929. And very first one in England was in 1645 in Oxford. (Haine,…show more content…
First of all, lets start with bad news, most common risk of coffee is disrupting sleep pattern, heartburn, increases blood sugar levels and interferes with their insulin and make it harder for them to manage it, other studies also show caffeine can easily raise blood pressure so best way for both diabetic and raise blood patients to switch to decaf may help them sort of. Caffeine also can cuss some spinal bones loss in postmenopausal women of the drinks more than 300 mg of caffeine its equal three cups a day. Coffee also can have led to mess stomach for those how have problems with acid reflux or heartburn. Cholesterol patients they need to use a paper filter to trap cafestol so they don’t add other problem to their problem. Now let’s move to good news for coffee lover as there a dark side of coffee there a big shinny side about coffee in a 2009 university of Florida study found coffee may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia in 40s and 50s ages, if you drink three to five cups daily of coffee and must be not “decaf” that would reduce by up to 70 percent of risk to have Alzheimer’s and dementia in your 70s. coffee show’s also can Reduce suicide risk as show 2013 study by Harvard’s school of public health. (Sagon,
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