Thesis About Courtship

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OUTLINE TOPIC: Courting Means of 2nd year to 5th year Male Engineering Students of Silliman University I. Introduction a. Background studies of courting means/customs in the Philippines b. Statement of problem c. Significance and rationale of survey d. Methodology 1. Type of survey 2. Respondents 3. Questionnaire II. Body a. Necessity of courtship before entering in a relationship b. Factors considered before courting c. Informing immediate families before courting d. Modes and approaches in the process of courtship e. Social media as aid in courtship f. Courtship and studies III. Conclusion a. Findings b. Concluding statement COMPOSITION WITH SUPPORT FROM SURVEY DATA INTRODUCTION Laurence Sterne, an Anglo-Irish novelist, once said that courtship consists of many quiet attentions, not too glaring to unease people nor too unclear not to be appreciated. Before man is likely to enter into a relationship, it is apt for him to undergo the process of courtship—which is defined as the behavior intended to persuade someone to marry or develop a romantic relationship; the process of attempting to win someone’s favor to a romantic relationship. Courtship means and methods especially in the Philippines are defined as implicit and indirect unlike those of Westernized cultures. It does not occur within a few days but may last for months or even years. Unlike those of westernized cultures, courtship is hinted at. Courtship for Filipinos involves phases or stages, most especially
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