Thesis About Electricity In The Philippines

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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Electricity, in our world today, has proved to be one of the many reasons of society’s innovation. Through it, we have gained knowledge of things unknown before and we have slowly started to continue exploring the vast ocean of unknown lying before us. Truly, electricity has served its role in the progression of humanity’s culture. For it is one of the things that makes the world go round, electricity is widely needed in almost all the parts of the world where humans live. In the Philippines alone, 87 percent of almost 21 million households used electricity. This was the result of the Household Energy Consumption Survey held back in 2011 (Energy Consumption. 2011). Sadly, not all have the privilege of having it as much as they want to. For most people in third world countries, such as the Philippines, electricity is one of the many privileges only few can bask in full time. This is mainly because of the cost of electricity bills that reach amounts that most people are unable to pay for. Just last July 2016 in the Philippines, the rate of electricity per kWh reached 8.61 pesos (Rivera, 2016). While this may not seem like a large amount, it will get larger and larger every hour you use electric power. In about a day only, your electricity bill amounts to 206.64 pesos already. The reason for this is because of the constant rising of the price of oil, which we buy from other countries, such as Saudi Arabia. Oil,

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