Abandoned Elderly

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Significance of the Study
The researcher believed that this research would be beneficial to the following:
For counselors, therapist and psychologists. This study can provide additional knowledge about forgiveness therapy and its applicability for abandoned and neglected elderly in the Philippines. It could also give them a background about the experiences of elderly clients undergoing forgiveness therapy which could help them in developing ideas about interventions that uses forgiveness.
Government and non-government facilities could use the results of this study as basis in designing interventions that would address the needs of the elderlies, especially their issues due to past hurts which may affect their current mental, emotional and physiological conditions. This may also help them develop an appropriate caring approach and environment
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The instruments used were the Enright Forgiveness Inventory-Short Form, which is a standardized foreign made instrument with a Filipino translation and the Process Model of Forgiveness Therapy of Dr. Robert Enright as the intervention program.
Definition of Terms
For better clarity and understanding of the study, the following terms are defined:
Abandoned Elderly. This refers to a senior citizen who was deserted by his/her family for more than six months and is incapable of providing his/her own basic needs.
Communicable diseases. These are diseases that can be communicated from one person to another, like pulmonary tuberculosis and pneumonia.
DSWD-NCR. It is an acronym for the Department of Social Welfare and Development-National Capital Region.
Elderly. This refers to an individual aged sixty (60) years old and above.
Forgiveness Therapy. It is a form of intervention that centers on the act forgiveness wherein the goal is to increase positive thoughts, feelings and behavior towards the
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