Glass Ceiling: An Invisible Barriers

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Glass ceiling has been investigated quite broadly .It is the most controversial aspects of employment in organisation. This paper has been created from, different books, articles and studies. Based on those studies it is that glass ceiling exists. It is not as strong as it used to be before but still there is lots of obstacle that women have to overcome. Women should be more active and louder to make sure their voices is heard and noticed when they want promotion.
Key words : Glass ceiling
The glass ceiling is an invisible barrier to prevent women rising to the highest positions in an organisation as a result of informal exclusionary practices .Glass ceiling
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This invisible barriers continues to exist even though there are no explicit obstacles keeping minorities from acquiring advanced job positions, there are no advertisement that specifically say “no minorities hired at this establishment” nor are there any formal orders that say “minorities are not qualified” (largely due to the fact that equal employment opportunity forbid this type of discrimination and it admit career suicide ) but they do lie beneath the…show more content…
It is also known as second phase obstruction which prevents women in the managerial position from receive international projects, assignment.

8) Sticky Floor
It refers to women who are usually trapped in low wage, low jobs in state in a local government.

9) Sticky Ladder
It is a term used to describe women’s struggle to reach the top.It describe that women are not incapable of reaching the top, the just stuck on the middle of the ladder.

From the .... it is possible to conclude that still the glass ceiling is a serious problem. In fact still now the position of women has not changed. Many people stills think women should be at home raising their children and doing domestic work .Women who wants to have careered are difficult to balance with their domestic with career. Now a day’s career is more demanding and time consuming. However there are a large number of women who have broken the glass ceiling and have proved that atmosphere in workplace has changed, employees are getting more support and better working environment has been created. Even though the law has been power, the glass ceiling is cracking up its going to take many more years to see any kind of extremely noticeable changes and improvement in women’s

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