Cloning Pros And Cons

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Prepared by:
Nadim Mhanna

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Dr. Anita Yammine

October, 23 ,2015

Cloning is a clinical, unnatural manipulation of genetic material in order to produce life. In other words, it replaces the natural meaning of relationships between partners in order to get life. Clones are organisms that are exact genetic copies. Every single genes of their DNA is similar. Clones can be happened either naturally or laboratory. Naturally, identical twins are clones and there is many examples. Or laboratory, by following a scientific method of having exact genetic copies. What about the Catholic Church and its point of view concerning this topic?
The Catholic Church has
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Also this technology will decrease the natural role of women as mothers and lead to destroy their societal roles, allowing a woman to be the identical sister of her own descendant. In conclusion, the church claims that human cloning interrupts both society and the natural world. In the other side, the church makes an exception for animal cloning where it can be beneficial for mankind without hurting animal life. In other words, the Catholic Church has also said a number of practical concerns over the cloning procedure. For example, it argues, human cloning might take place at laboratories that have low standards where scientists perform without reliable standards that can hurt humanity. For instance, scientists could clone a person without their familiarity response and create psychosomatic problems for the cloned one and the clone himself who would have to live with his knowledge that there is a copy of him. The point of view of the church on cloning is related to issues including abortion, stem cell research, and even in vitro fertilization that are opposed from church. The church argues that life begins…show more content…
The supporters of both sides of this topic have many motives to clone or not to clone. In general, I am against cloning in all cases because the spirit is transferred to us through God because of love and our parents transferred it to us through love also through relation. Why some curious scientists have playing the role of God in their laboratories? Reproductive cloning would reduce the sense of uniqueness of an individual. It would interrupt deeply and widely convictions concerning human individuality and liberty, and could lead to a reduction of clones in comparison with non-clones. Also the cloned one will be raised "in the shadow" of their nuclear giver, which will lead to psychological issues. Scientifically speaking more than 95% of the experiments on cloning leads to a failure even after the born, here we should ask who we are to play on human life? Now let’s assume that cloning is a fact and every person has a clone, where the genetic engineering stop and for what they lead, do they have any limit? From the other side there is some cases cloning can be a solution for some medical issues for example clone can help those persons who cannot be helped by other fertility treatments (who do not produce eggs or sperm). Also imagine that some parents if they lose any of their child would have the ability to see it again and speak with him and take care about. From my point
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