Illegal Immigration Thesis

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"I take issue with many people’s description of people being illegal Immigrants. There aren’t any illegal human beings as far as I’m concerned." ―Dennis Kucinich. The issue of immigrants has become a great discussion for everyone in every single country. They could state negative Impacts of immigrants, such as overpopulation, drug trafficking, increase multiculturalism, massive escalation in crime, among others, but otherwise there 's some positive benefits as Dave Reichert and John F. Kennedy states one day, that immigrants are necessary component of economic growth, they enriched and strengthened the fabric of American life, they take the most dangerous works and receive the less gain that any company can give. High rates of immigration are frequently accompanied by militant, and sometimes violent, calls for immigration restriction or deportation by nationalist groups. In the thesis will be explaining the main ideas of the topic. There 's many country 's that have already enacted laws design to make more difficult the life of undocumented immigrants.
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There are some reasons of why people do it, such as necessity of education, high standard of living, among others. Although being a legal immigrant is possible, and have more benefits in contrast to being an illegal immigrant. Otherwise immigrant have positive and negative impacts for future generations and sustainability, and a possibility of a better
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