Advantages And Disadvantages Of Indigenous Knowledge

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Indigenous knowledge is the local knowledge that is unique to a given culture or society. It is the knowledge that people in a given community have developed overtime and continue to develop. Indigenous knowledge is based on the experience, often tested over centuries of use, adapted to local culture and local environment, dynamic and changing. Indigenous knowledge is not confined to a certain group of people therefore people in rural areas and urban areas have their unique knowledge. Osunade (1994) and Warren (1992) stated that indigenous knowledge is an institutionalized local knowledge that has been built upon and passed from one generation to the other by word of mouth. According to (Greenie as in Kunnie, 2000), indigenous knowledge refers to distinctive, traditional local…show more content…
They know how to live well with their environment without causing any harm to it. Indigenous knowledge is the foundation for self-sufficiency and self-government for the following reasons. Firstly, people are familiar with indigenous practices and knowledges. They understand, be able to handle and maintain better than western practices and technologies as they do not understand them better than their own or local knowledge. Secondly, indigenous knowledge draws on local possessions. People rely mostly on their local resources than dealers from the outside as outside dealers can be very expensive and not ready available when in need. This knowledge and principles embedded in forbids, myths folklore, cultural practices and traditional institutions that is indigenous knowledge, it controls the way nature and humanity interacts. By so doing this will help people to take care of their environment. (Chingwenya & Manatsa, 2007).There are different examples of indigenous knowledge for example; weather forecasting, methods of ploughing, rain harvesting and also how to perform certain

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