Thesis And Main Ideas: Wyatt Earp

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Thesis Statement and Main Ideas: Wyatt Earp
I was the only man to walk away from that gunfight not injured or dead. Some call that gun fight the most famous gunfight in American history. I was born March 19th, 1848 in Monmouth, Illinois. I was a middle child, being the third of Nicholas and Virginia Ann Earp’s five sons. I ran away several times in my childhood to join the Union army, but never succeeded. I got married in 1870 to a woman by the name of Urilla Sutherland. I was an expecting father, but after only a year of marriage she died of typhus, along with my unborn child. I was broken. That led even into my early to mid twenties. I had many run-ins with the law, like stealing a horse in Arkansas, but evaded prosecution because I broke out of my jail cell.
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After escaping my jail cell, I moved to Wichita, Kansas, because my brother, Virgil, opened a brothel that attracted cowboys coming off long cattle drives. I took a job there as part-time law enforcement, rounding up criminals. I knew that was my calling and became the marshal of Dodge City Kansas. The law was trouble in my younger years as a drunken gambler but I had then reinvented myself as a law man. I met my good friend Doc Holiday and with my brothers we laid out what was going to be the most known gunfight in American history. We may have been injured or killed but we rounded up criminals and moved to Tombstone,

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