Thesis Effects Of Colonization Oppress South Americans

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Thesis Statement: Colonization should be prohibited because Americans would oppress South Americans, and they are losing their culture and a majority of their natural resources. Body Paragraph #1 Topic Sentence: Colonization is negative because Americans would oppress the South Americans. Supporting Evidence #1: “The people in Nigeria were not native about the British encroachment into their territories… Many people even in the non-centralized areas, fought colonial control with every means at their disposal” (Things fall apart, 2012). Explanation: The people in Nigeria had fought for many of these things they have today and they had to work hard for everything they have made in their homes and villages, nothing was given to them for free because they lived in a poor area and They had to work hard for what they got in life and the British are making them fight to have what they made and owned because the British is selfish and wants everything. Supporting Evidence #2: “ we have known that our lands were despoiled in the name of supposedly legal texts, which in reality recognized only the right of the stronger” (Lumumba, 1960, paragraph 3). Explanation: when the people are taking over and colonizing, they are taking things that people have worked for and made like these people are putting heavy taxes on their land which is making it harder for the South Americans and natives to stay because they can afford such heavy taxes. So the government of whoever is controlling
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