Non Pustular Psoriasis Research Paper

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Psoriasis is an ancient and universal inflammatory, autoimmune, polygenic (Shai et al, 2002) and chronic skin disease that is characterised by scaly, sharply demarcated red, dry patches and indurated plaques. Patches most often occur on the elbows, knees and lower back. They may also be seen on the upper pelvic bone area, bottom of the feet, calves and thighs, genital areas and Palms of the hands.
Psoriasis can develop at any age, but a bimodal distribution of the age of onset is characteristic. The majority of cases, approximately 75%, present before the age of 40 years, with a peak at 20–30 years old. The remaining cases present after the age of 40 years (Griffiths et al, 2005). It is most common in the second to fourth decade
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However a higher prevalence in males has been found in most Indian studies (Pavithram et al, 1994). A North Indian study found that the male female ratio is 5:1 (Kaur et al, 2011).
In 2003, Fredberg et al categorized psoriasis into three basic forms on the basis of clinical symptoms viz:
1. Non pustular psoriasis
2. Pustular psoriasis
3. Other psoriasis
1. Non pustular psoriasis
It is the most common form of psoriasis. It typically appears on the raised area of inflamed skin covered with white scaly skin with no involvement of pus cells. It includes the following sub types:-
i) Erythrodermic Psoriasis
It involves the wide spread of inflammation of skin over the most of the body surface. It is a rare type of psoriasis, occurring once or more during the lifetime of 3 percent of people who have this type of psoriasis. It is accompanied by severe itching or pain. ii) Psoriasis vulgaris
This is the most common form of psoriasis, and the one with which most people are familiar; about 80% to 90% of all psoriasis is this type. It is a chronic stationary psoriasis and forms the thickened patches of red skin covered with silvery white scales. It is also called as Plaque psoriasis (Henseler and Christophers,

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