Thesis For The Kite Runner

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Sanganeria 1 Innayat Nain Sanganeria Kanika Dang Eng, Thesis paper 8th November 2015 THESIS PAPER, THE KITE RUNNER Khaled Hosseini in his novel The Kite Runner illustrates how one seeks for redemption for the sins committed in the past. The Kite Runner is a heartbreaking story of two young boys and how the choices made in the past, changed their lives forever. Love, loss and betrayal are some of the themes in the novel which have been portrayed with a lot of sensitivity. The book demonstrates the only way to escape the sins…show more content…
Amir and Hassan enjoyed doing everything together however, Amir never considered Hassan his friend. This was mainly affected by religion since Amir was a Pashtun and Hassan was a Hazara. Amir took advantage of their friendship. He would make fun of Hassan whenever he could but Hassan never took it personally and thought of him as his best friend. Hassan was both mentally and physically stronger than Amir. The very first page of the book talks about a sin committed by Amir. After the kite flying event, Amir witnesses Hassan getting raped. However, he stands behind a wall, silently. Instead of speaking up for Hassan, Amir gets angry with him and avoids him. Finally when he thought he couldn’t take the guilt anymore, he blames Hassan for stealing money from him and forces him out of baba’s house. Although he never sees Hassan again, he does not forget the terrible sins he committed. After years of holding the guilt of his doings, Amir sets out to seek for redemption. Amir goes back to where it all started, Kabul, to find Hassan’s son Sohrab. He desires
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