The House On Mango Street Rising Analysis

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In the story, “Esperanza Rising”, a saying means a lot to life. He who falls today may rise tomorrow. When Esperanza’s life goes wrong, she knew that she couldn’t give up. Even though she and her family were suffering from great depression. When Esperanza falls, she thought she couldn’t get back up. She is wrong, if you keep trying to get back up you will eventually do it. Some events in life are very tough to heal from, but you can get through them. Nothing could keep her down, if it tried, she would just keep getting up. In the novel, “Esperanza Rising” we learn that a peachy life can go wrong very fast. Esperanza is a rich, spoiled girl who thinks that the world revolves around her. Some tragic events take place after her father…show more content…
Life can be harsh and can make it hard on you at times. But don’t give up, you can suffer from great depression but your are more than likely to make it through all of the rough times in your life. As Esperanza procceded with her troubles, she knew one thing she couldn’t do: give up. Life can be difficult but you have two choices: to give up or be strong. As Esperanza moved on with her life, she realized that she was no longer a rich, bratty little girl that she was before, but she was now a strong girl that survived a time of great depression. She knows she can deal with individual problems because she knows she is strong and nothing could keep her down not even her papa dieing or her live burning to ashes. Her grandmother has sisters who can get mama, and Esperanza papers to immigrate to California. easily since her grandmother’s sisters live in California and can “lend” them their papers in order to move to California, in hopes of starting a new life there. Where she can work for the things she wants because she’s not rich anymore and she soon learns that food, clothes,etc. isn’t going to be just handed to her. She now has to work for the things she wants and has to get her oen clothes, her own
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