Kathryn Stockett's The Help On The Basis Of Race

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This project examines the novel The Help on the basis of race. It discovers the unsympathetic attitude of the white masters and adversity of the coloured maids who worked against racism. The starvation for self dignity and equality is the major issue in every coloured’s mind. The protagonist Aibileen and Minny are the representation of coloured maids, who lost their self respect in the beginning and later crave for equal rights. This project presents African American maids’ depressed mindset and their quest for equality. It also exposes the pathetic conditions of coloured maids socially, physically, psychologically and economically. This project not only speaks about the racist, but also focuses on the whites who helped the coloured to achieve their aspiration. The coloured maids quest for equality and the atrocities of the white racists is the major theme spoken in this project.
Keywords: Racial Discrimination, Black Feminism, Marxism, Oppression.
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The novel The Help begins with the narration of Aibileen one of the protagonist of the novel. Her job is to clean, cook and to take of white babies. She had raised seventeen kids on her life time. She knows how to get the babies sleep, stop crying and to go in the toilet bowls. Aibileen works in Miss Elizabeth Leefolt’s house; there she takes care of Mae Mobley Leefolt. Aibileen lost her son Treelore in an accident. She started her job in Leefolt’s residence after the fifth month of her son’s funeral. Aibileen’s best friend Minny is the only soul who checked in daily to see whether Aibileen is alive. Minny is a coloured maid like Aibileen. She worked in Miss Hilly Holbrook’s house. Miss Hilly Holbrook and Miss Skeeter are the closest friends of Miss Elizabeth
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