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Essay Title: Only those with jobs and food on the table can afford to worry about the environment'. Is Beck's Risk Society thesis applicable beyond the First World?
The risk society thesis by Ulrich Beck has been one of the most extensively discussed frameworks in environmental management (Matten, 2004). Beck’s theory is based on the premise that the post-modernist world that we live considers safety and collective decision making on risk as more crucial than amassing wealth.
Beck thesis is applicable beyond the first world (Summary augument).

Structure: This essay will begin by looking at the concept of risk society and features of “risk society thesis” as consructed by Beck which has been an extensive frameworks discussed in
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Risk: The definition of risk is somehow contentious since there is little consensus on the perfect definition and its definition depends on the perspective of the field it is defined. For example, social science, engineering, insurance, investment, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), etc. may define risk differently to suit their objective. Macmillan dictionary defined risk as the possibility that something unpleasant or dangerous might happen (Macmillan dictionary, 2009).

Therefore risk means different things to different people at different times.

Risk Society:
The peculiarity of risk society is that the hazards of risk do not remain restricted to one country and due to the age of globalization, these risks affect all countries, all social classes with global consequences (Guru).

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Nuclear risks such as the example of Chernobyl shows, are not confined to a single region or country, nor do they spread out to certain social groups in society exclusively. If this is the case, here is the scope for you to argue that risk thesis is applicable in the context of Third World. There are pockets of industrialization in Third World countries. These pockets contribute to economic growth and development such as the oil and gas sector in Nigeria, coal mining or fracking in some parts of South America. But the problems are mis-handling the by-product of this development. By-products are detrimental to health, environment and the entire eco system. In such a context risk thesis is applicable. How far reflexivity is relevant in these countries is a mooting

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