Thesis Of The Uniqueness Of Starbucks

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What resources and capabilities formed the basis of the uniqueness of Starbucks in the first place? Why was it so successful? Starbucks’ unique business model utilizes its key assets, its people, as the resource that provides its competitive advantage. Coming from an accounting background, we are taught that assets are things we “own” that are used to generate revenue. I do not like to view an organizations people as an asset. They are Human Capital; a very important component (and valuable resource) within the structure of success for any company, whether it be the Biotech or Service industry. Howard Schultz definitely has the skills (capability) and understands what it takes to successfully manage and organize these resources. It is apparent that Schultz’s capability of managing resources derived from his childhood upbringing. In an interview with George Stroumboulopoulos (Nov 2013), Schultz speaks with conviction about the importance of human capital. This concept has clearly trickled down through the business and has contributed greatly to its success. As we look deeper into the make-up of Starbucks, taking from our own experience in addition to applying theory, we undoubtedly see that value shine through. The value is defined by the comfortable atmosphere, the lingo, even the music. What I find interesting is that the cultural presence spans across many generations. The Starbucks family, led by Schultz’s leadership philosophy, instills this ambiance. My

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