Thesis Of The White Tiger

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The debut novel by Aravind Adiga, “The White Tiger” was published in 2008, has won the Man Book Prize and was named New York Times Bestseller in its first year of publication. Adiga shows the readers the not so exotic side of India, which has emerged since the end of the British domination in 1974, including murder, injustice and corruption. It shows the class struggle of a poor Indian boy named Balram Halwai, who wants to become an entrepreneur. The novel is entirely narrated through letters between Balram and the Premier of China who will be visiting India in the near future. In this novel it is palpable that men and women are not equal at all in India. The first example in the novel is that Kusum, Balram’s grandmother, tries to coerce him to marry a girl but he refuses to do so. She does not want this to make Balram happy, but to receive a lot of money. In a marriage in India, it is common that the family of the bride pays a large amount of money to the family of the groom. Therefore, the family of Balram, which is poor, would receive a large dowry when he would marry a girl. For an impoverished family like Balram’s it was unfortunate when a girl in his family married: “My cousin-sister Reena got hitched off to a boy in the next village. Because we were the girl’s family, we’re screwed.” Then again, it is the other way around when a boy in the family got married: “We had the boy, and we screwed the girl’s family hard.” Balram and his family live in a village named

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