Thesis Of Underdevelopment In Africa

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Does the evidence from Africa support the thesis of underdevelopment?
Although Africa is developing fast and there are still a few countries that are trying to make a global impact, It can still be said that the African continent continues to house some underdeveloped and poor countries. The abject poverty that the citizens live under has been a result of political security and war in some countries. This essay will show that the evidence of Africa supports the thesis of underdevelopment. I will show this by focusing on what African politics is and the significance behind studying it. I will also look at African history as well as focus on an African country by the name of Burundi as a case study to answer the above posed question.
It is without a doubt important to study African politics as to abandon the unhelpful preconceptions that have been linked with the continent of Africa. “Average Western views of Africa tend to be rather selective and not always accurate”. (Thomson, 2000: 2) Due to the limited exposure that Westerners receive of Africa via broadcast Journalism as their sole source. It easy for Westerners to assume that Africa is a continent of corruption, famines, disasters and civil war, and although those factors do exist in some countries of the African continent – it is highly wrong to assume that these things shape African politics. It then becomes significant to understand African politics as not to be misled by media selectivity of mud huts, Wild Animals
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