Thesis On Co-Teaching

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Chapter I
Classroom teaching has many different types of teaching patterns that includes One
Teacher/ One Support; Station-Teaching; Team-Teaching; Alternative-Teaching; and Parallel Teaching. The common pattern of teaching is co-teaching. Co-teaching is defined as two teachers working together with a group of students, sharing the planning, organization, delivery, and assessment of instruction, as well as the physical space. Co-teaching in the classroom takes on two different models. One model of co-teaching has one teacher who leads and give instructions; while the other teacher assists with students’ needs. Another co-teaching model has two teachers equally working together as a team to meet the needs of the children by
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There is no preferred co-teaching model/pattern in elementary school settings.
5. There are no differences in teaching style of teacher and teacher assistant pairs.
Definition of Terms Terms that are important to know when reading this thesis on co-teaching is defined by the researchers and are listed below: Co-teaching. When two teachers or one teacher and a teacher assistant or a teacher and a service provider participate in lesson or activity planning together and work together in the same classroom to instruct both students with and without disabilities (NICHCY, 2011).
Supportive Co-teaching – When one member of the teaching team takes the lead role and the other member of the teaching team rotates among students to provide support.
Parallel Co-teaching - where support personnel and the classroom teacher instruct different heterogeneous groups of students.
Complementary Co-teaching - where a member of the co-teaching team does something to supplement or complement the instruction provided by the other member of the team.
Team Teaching - where a member of the teaching team co-teaches alongside one another and share responsibility for planning, teaching, and assessing the progress of all students in the
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The first chapter gives an overview of the thesis by providing a general overview, thesis statement, and a statement of purpose, research questions, hypotheses, and definition of co-teaching terms, procedures, significance of study, limitation of study and the organization of the research paper. The second chapter provides a comprehensive view of co-teaching by providing a detailed history of teaching pattern, elements of teacher job satisfaction, strategies for the pairing of teaching teams and teacher classroom placement in general. Also, theoretical information that underpins this research will be included in this chapter. The third chapter contains information on the procedural aspect of how the data was collected and organized; such as, a description of the sample, data collection procedures, and analysis of the data. The fourth chapter reports the research findings. The fifth chapter contains the researcher’s recommendations for further study and implications for practice in the field of
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