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Job Satisfaction is considered as the major job attitudes which is widely investigated and extensively researched. As put forward by (Akfopure et al., 2006) job satisfaction has been a topic of massive interest over the years. This is mainly due to the fact that there has been a great change in candidates’ profile. Nowadays people are more versatile, more qualified, more mobile and have more aspirations and expectations. This poses a threat for organizations to attract and retain its workers. Therefore, organizations are adopting the new managerial pattern which believe that employees should be treated well and considered as human being that have their own needs and personal desires.

Job satisfaction is therefore regarded as one of the
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Similarly, this situation will be best suited in the Mauritius Police Force (MPF) which is one of the oldest and largest public sector consisting of 12,500 employees. Therefore, for the purpose of this dissertation, the MPF has been chosen as the research context. The MPF is distinguished as the peace maker as well as law and order for the sustainable development of the nation. In simple word, the police force can be described as a central element of a democratic society (Gary T. Marx, 1995). It has a prime and crucial responsibility to maintain the safety and security of the people in Mauritius as well as tourist visiting the island and foreign workers contributing to the currency of Mauritius. The police officers must provide quality service to the community and also addresses emerging challenges such as organize crime, severe frauds, road safety anti-social behavior amongst…show more content…
What is the level of job satisfaction amongst the police officers with respect to the following determinants namely: Leadership and Management Style, Career Development, Organisational Culture, Pay and Benefits and Organisational Commitment

2. To what extent do the determinants of job satisfaction practiced in the MPF?

1.4 Research Methods

For the purpose of this study, data from different sources were used such as journal articles, reports, books and the internet. The organisation’s website was extensively used for the
Company profile. Primary data were gathered through questionnaires.
The data was analysed using the SPSS version 20.0 and Excel 2007. The analysis was conducted from the perspective of the police officers. Based on the findings, recommendations and conclusion were drawn.

1.5 Overview of the dissertation

 Chapter One is the introductory chapter of the study. It presents an overall description of what the dissertation is all about.

 Chapter Two offers a review of the literature. It further explores the concept of job satisfaction and their relationship with the following determinants: Leadership and Management Style, Career Development, Organisational Culture, Pay and Benefits and Organisational

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