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DISCUSSION Our goal was to study views of people regarding kidney donation and transplantation at OPD HMC. The data consisting of 300 cases was collected at the respective hospital in Peshawar. After through analysis it was found that number of people willing for donation were more as compared to the reluctant ones . In depicting result of this research we concluded that 86% were aware of kidney donation and transplantation. According to Mohamed E Guella that conducted a survey in Dhahran Military Hospital , Saudi a Arabia during December , 2012 - January , 2012 that about 90% individuals were aware about…show more content…
Few of the people (19.7%) didn’t know about such laws existing in their religion . Great majority of people said that religion doesn’t discourages anyone from saving someone’s life . Furthermore , According to article of Kidney vendors in Pakistan , Professor . Syed Ali Anwar founded that 239 vendors were found in a single study [30]. While in our study 17% of people have financial incentive for Kidney donation . In our study , we further cross tabulated and found that about 75% of interviewed Muslims thought Kidney donation is allowed in Islam , In a similar study conducted on May – June 2011 in Faisalabad , Pakistan showed that only 53.33% of Muslims believed that Islam allows kidney donation[32]…show more content…
65% of the people were willing to donate it to their family members only if they need it . 32.3% of willing population said they would donate it to anyone who is needy . They were not afraid of their donation being misused because they said they would donate it after detailed scrutiny . Amongst the reluctant population , majority of them thougt of some physical impariment or being diseased after donation . Some said that life is compromised . 58% individuals were of the view that donation involves risk like infection, weakness, anxiety, pain, bleeding etc . 13.7% said that they don’t know about any risk while 45.3% chunk of the study group said that donation involves the risk of being misused i.e their donated kidney might be sold for money purpose . 65 years old male engineer considered himself unfit for donation as he thought his old age would not allow him but he appreciated this act for young ones . 76.3% of the population in our study were of the opinion of promotion of such programs and compaigns to advertise message of donation to save the lives of needy ones

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