Reaction Paper About Pedophilia

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Pedophilia is a stigma that affects parents decision-making and limiting freedom to their children because of fear. The idea that this potential danger towards their child can make parent limit their child’s freedom to do as they want or to interact with others. The strictness of the parent will increase due to fear of their child is in danger or something happening to their child in the near future. A research will be conducted in which to find whether parents have any prior knowledge of Pedophilia and whether it affects their protection level towards their children. The research would include a questionnaire where around ten parents are to answer a couple of questions about this topic. Data would be collected from this questionnaire and used…show more content…
Pedophilia, as mentioned before, is a sexual interest diagnosed as mental disorder. In the article the authors states “ Roland Imhoff, Seto Michael C., and Murray, John B., that would all agree that Pedophilia is a mental illness. Their studies would include experiments conducted with multiple subjects that were interviewed. Then, they would compare or use the and see whether the subjects suffer from an mental illness according to the manual. In Conclusion, Pedophilia is a topic that should be well known in society, and it should be taken seriously because it is affection children lives and how they will grow up in the future. For the purpose of this experiment, the following terms explained are different types of…show more content…
If something unfortunate were to ever happen to your child, would you change your protection level toward them due to the situation that has happened? Do you believe that the act of Pedophilia is a mental illness that can be treated for and ‘cured’? Do you believe they have the right to receive help after they have conducted or were about to conduct a crime towards a child? Or, do you believe they should be punished to the full extent of the law? After adults are released from prison and have the title of ‘Sex Predator’, should they be allowed to return to society where there are children around? Or, should they be separated from the rest of the society for the rest of their life after being given this title? Should this topic be more publicized in the media for parents to know? What do you considered inappropriate physical contact between an adult and a person of underage? Do you believe that if someone was a former pedophile, they can become a 'normal' person again? Do you believe there is a difference between fantasizing having inappropriate relationship with a child and/or actually doing it with a
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