Ringing Rock Thesis

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MYSTERY: RINGING ROCKS [USA] A. Introduction of Essay (with Thesis Statement) [5 Marks] Ringing rocks is known as one of the mystery places in the world. When the rocks are struck with a hammer or another rock, they sound as if they are metal and hollow, and ring with a sound similar to a metal pipe being struck. The rocks themselves are composed of diabase, the same type of rock that makes up most the earth's crust. The viewpoints of three researchers are being presented briefly in this assignment. The three researchers are Richard Faas, Lawrence L. Malinconico, and Edgar T. Wherry. Faas and Malinconico agreed that the phenomenon is caused by the presence of iron within the rocks whilst Wherry suggested that the rocks must not be blocked, so that, it can vibrate freely. The phenomenon of ringing rocks is caused by high amounts of iron within the rocks, the placement of these rocks…show more content…
Malinconico is a geologist. He also works at Lafayetter College, Easton, Pennsylvania. According to Maliconico, the rocks are created more than two hundred million years ago. They were not formed directly by glaciers. The boulder field was created during ice ages hundred thousand years ago. The glaciers never really made it, but their impact on nearby weather helped move the rocks to the surface. Later on, it break them up into a boulder field by the constant freeze and thaw created by the ancient environment. The glaciers provided the water that broke up the igneous rocks. The igneous rock became diabase. Diabase (dolerite) is a dark-coloured igneous rock. It is an iron-rich rock, which helps contribute to the musical attributes. Malinconico said, (as cited in It’s not that Far, 2010) “The water literally broke up the rocks into the pieces you see today at Ringing Rocks. There was no water flowing, it was just freezing and thawing. The ringing is a function of the iron-rich composition and the fact that they sit on top of each other with hollow space in between
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