School Lunches Thesis

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School Lunches Thesis: Although school nutrition standards are healthier by reducing childhood obesity, students are having negative reactions to the change. Citation: Alic, Margaret. "School Lunches." The Gale Encyclopedia of Diets: A Guide to Health and Nutrition, edited by Kristin Key, Gale, 2013.Credo Reference, Accessed 14 Oct 2016. School lunches are a vital part of the day for most students; and for many is the main meal of the day. Even though many students bring lunch from home, school cafeterias still serve lunch to millions of students daily. Many schools are trying to integrate lunch into their curriculum. They do this…show more content…
A., C. J. Richards, and J. Gregory. "Food And Nutrient Intakes Of Primary School Children: A Comparison Of School Meals And Packed Lunches." Journal Of Human Nutrition & Dietetics 21.5 (2008): 420-427. Academic Search Complete. Web. 10 Oct. 2016. New school lunch standards are being integrated in an effort to improve the nutritional value of school lunches. There are no standards for packed lunches. This study compares the food and nutrient intake from children eating school lunches with children eating packed lunches. The results were that children that took a packed lunch were consuming double the amount of sugar and 50% more sodium and saturated fat than children who ate school lunches. Packed lunches did provide more calcium, iron, and fruit for the children that school lunches. This scholarly source was written by three authors. They are qualified to write about this topic and complete the study. Dr. G. Rees is affiliated with the School of Biological Sciences, and The University of Plymouth. There is some bias in this source because they only studied children from the ages of six to eleven years old. The information provided is out of date since major changes for school lunches have changed since…show more content…
One female student states that the changes the National School Program have made school lunches are beneficial. She states the program teaches healthy eating habits, and took some getting used to. A male student states that school do not make the healthy foods appetizing. He also says that until schools make the foods appetizing, foods will be thrown in the trash or students will bring their own lunches. He makes the suggestion of holding schools to flavor standards in addition to the nutritional requirements that are already in
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