Thesis On Teaching English As A Foreign Language

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Islamic Azad University Zanjan Branch Faculty of Education and Psychology English Language Department “M.A” Thesis on Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Title: Student-engaged Viewpoint of Technology on Learning English in Zanjan Public High Schools Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Siros Izadpanah, PhD By: Mansooreh Alavi Chapter One Introduction Today rapid development in technology and computer sciences has influenced all aspects of life, especially education. Integration of technology into education system and curriculum of schools has recently started in some developing countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and newly in Iran. Regarding this, use of computer technology in teaching and learning foreign languages, English, in particular has been noteworthy. Many research studies (Teo, 2006; Weib, 2010; Afshari, 2013; Son, 2007; Stepp-Greany, 2002) have reported effects of technology use in English language classrooms. Some other studies have explored effect of technological devices, language teachers, and learners’ attitude toward technology (Liaw, 2007; Sipala, 2010; Teo, 2008; Hu, 2011; Mathews-Aydinli & Elaziz, 2010). Due to significant role of language learners in acceptance of technology in foreign language curriculum, the present study explored the Iranian EFL learners’ viewpoint of technology on their learning process. In addition, learners’ attitude was explored based on gender difference. Background of the study In the last 20

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