Thesis On Women's Rights Movement

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Reform movements are what declare the need for change in America; without them, there wouldn 't be significant improvements in our society. America is now known as the “land of the free,” but can America live up to its name when women are still fighting for equality? Women were not always free to speak their minds, instead, they were forced to be isolated from the outside world. Women’s rights did not always exist. The constant struggle to give women their inalienable rights has been an ongoing issue dating back to 1805. American leaders believed that women were unfit to play a role in society. The role women were given in the 1800s was to be the caretaker of the house, to cater to their husband and kids, and to educate and raise the future…show more content…
Women abolitionists became involved in the movement to abolish slavery by becoming a part of the discussion in the first meeting of the American Anti-Slavery Society. Although women were running these organizations, they were not permitted to serve as delegates. The abolition of slavery would lead to the Women’s Rights Movement that many people would end up supporting. The movement overall was successful for women because of the organizational skills that were previously learned while they fought to end slavery. Sarah and Angelina Grimke were one of the first women in the 1830s who would rally against mixed crowds; practicing their first amendment of freedom of assembly. As well as promoting female equality the Grimke sisters testified to the state legislature for African Americans. The issue that remained was that white abolitionist still could not accept blacks as their equals. It wasn 't until Maria Stewart spoke out to the public, that the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society was established in 1833. The idea of being free and equal was beginning to seem more and more reachable, but the road to women 's equality continued until 1863. A significant step towards equality was in action, the voices of thousands of women could not be
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