Thesis Outline On Racism

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I. Problem Paragraph a. Hooking Sentence: (Have u ever been judged by your appearance ?, well it is a really hard thing though. A lot of people had suffered from such treatment.) b. Problem Statement: (Racial discrimination has been one of the society 's most terrible problems.) c. Definition of the problem: (To judge a person just by the colour of their skin or by their social level or even by their different points of view not by the contents of their personality) d. Size: (Current estimates by the United Nations and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) shows the discrimination faced by millions of people who live and work in countries other than that of their birthplace are 175 million people who live temporarily or permanently outside their countries of origin. ) ( ) e. Causes: Racism is the result of many factors such as the fault upbringing of parents to their child 's believes or the obsession of authority of some people. f. Effects: Racism can have a really dangerous effects on victims, it can generally destroy them psychologically and sometimes physically. g. Stakeholders: (for solving the problem of the victims who are always abused by the racists, the solution should include the intellectual class, volunteers as well as the government help.) h. Solution Statement: (The Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society (CAERS) is one of the successful solutions applied to

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