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During the thesis writing period, I planned to document each step I take and retake in the data collection and report writing process. This helped me to provide a detailed explanation of what I would do differently in the content, research process and research methodology part of my reflection paper.

For my personal development goals, I decided to develop my creative thinking, presentation, communication skills and project management skills. In order to develop my creative thinking skills, I engaged myself more actively in brainstorming sessions, volunteering for groups or activities that would require idea creation either in my place of work or in my other social circles. I also planned not to limit my ability to think widely and write down
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It was a remarkable experience because finding participants to take part in a research of such a scale, to the point that included primary data collection and analysis in an individual manner was hard. The most popular exploratory research methods have been learned during the research and I had a prior knowledge about how to conduct a general survey by administering open ended surveys and questionnaires.

In spite of the fact that the primary data has been obtained by the use of questionnaire( primary data collection method), I tried and analysed the benefits and disadvantages of other primary data collection methods such as interviews, focus groups, observations etc, and thus obtained deep knowledge about those data collection methods. As mentioned in my research paper data gathered through the open ended survey turned out to be very limited, with a poor response rate. Hence limited emphasis was put on this part of the research which automatically made the theoretical section of the study the stronger element of this research
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In particular, the research process required advanced preparation and planning for each and every stage of the study and each stage of the study had to be led in an organised and timely manner in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

At first I had issues and faced challenges in terms of guaranteeing the progress of the study according to the schedule. These difficulties mainly emerged during the literature review stage of the research process. Specifically, at first I underestimated the duration of time needed for the literature review and was constantly behind the schedule in terms of the number of articles reviewed. The problem was fixed by adjusting the timetable for the research, as well as, increasing the level of self discipline by sticking to the planned schedule. All the unnecessary activities were avoided during the process. At the same time, occasional days off study were planned in order to avoid being pressured and worn out which could negatively influence the study. In general, the overall research experience has contributed immensely to the improvement of my time-management skills which ultimately provides huge benefits for me in a personal level, as well as, professional

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