Thesis: Ruining My Life

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My Thesis is Ruining my Life.
In our lives, the choices we make will define who we are. We shape the outcome of our lives by the choices we make. The choices we make will reflect on who we are as people and how we are seen by others. In the novel The Lord of the Flies by Golding, the boy’s innocence is taken from them. They are forced to make irrational decisions in order to survive. The choices the boys make will define the outcome of their characters. For instance, Simon’s murder shows how the boys are leaning toward savagery. They killed one of their own without thinking twice about it. Jack led his “tribe” in the ritual-style killing they do for meat, in order to kill Simon because they thought he was the beast. Every single one of those boys knew that is was Simon, but no one stepped in to save him. After his death, everyone acted like it did not happen or they did not see it. Simon’s innocence was brutally taken from him. He did not even have a chance.
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He is solidly relying on the wild and killing pigs to survive. He is no longer worried about being rescued; he is worried about being chief. He leads his new “tribe” in killing pigs and attacking the others. One night, he led some of his “tribe” to go attack the Ralph´s group in order to get Piggy’s glasses for their fire. Ralph, at this point, is furious. All he wants is to be rescued while Jack is being idiotic and crazy. Piggy then wants to stand up to Jack and force those savages to see reason. They go up the mountain and try to reason with the savages, but they refuse to listen and attack. As you can tell, Ralph has become more sophisticated and still wants to be rescued. Jack could care less, all he wants is to be in control and
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