Cyber Crime Essay

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Identity theft is a kind of crime that can be traced back to chapter 25 of the bible when Jacob covered his face and hands with skin from an animal in order to deceive his father to giving him blessings of the eldest son Esau. Jacob did this for his own material gains and since then this kind of crime is advancing with the advancement in technology. In early American times identity theft can be traced to the theft of voter registration cards and was more to do with ballot stuffing. Identity theft got to advance with several constitutional amendments taking charge and in 1984 there was a high rate of identity theft when a law was passed by several states increasing the age for taking alcohol from 18 to the time of passing…show more content…
According to credit-checking firm Experian the rate of identity theft increased between the years of 2010 and 2012. Experian says one of the main areas where identity theft has taken deep roots is the cybercrime with criminals having to use hacking to obtain information or sending viruses that attack computers to obtained classified information. The question lies on where the loop holes are. Is it with the government authorities that have not done enough or the citizens that do not understand on the existence of cyber-crime? This study will seek to understand why individuals fall prey of identity thieves and also to get to understand the relationship between the criminals themselves and their targets. 2. Current trends in identity theft. Over the past years both legislative arms of the government have passed laws that seeks to combat this type of crime however this has not been an easy go due to its complexity in attachment it has with other types of criminal related activities. This an article obtained from and in this study I will be getting to understand why ending this kind of crime has become elusive and what are the developments that have been witnessed in this area of this study I will also get to know the various loop holes in the security sector that has given a soft landing for identity thieves.
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